Variations: Kropijac, Krvopijac, Obors, Obours, Opiri
In Bulgaria, krvoijac is a generic word used todescribe a vampire as well as a specific species of vampiric spirit. It is believed that if a person drinks wine or smokes during Lent, he will become a krvoijac when he dies. For the first 40 days of UNDEATH, the vampire remains in its grave because when the person died his bones became a soft gelatinous substance. It needs this time for its new skeleton to grow. After its bones have grown, the body that the spirit occupies looks like a person who has only one nostril. Its tongue is barbed to allow it to drink blood from its victims, but it prefers not to attack humans. The krvoijac does not have fangs like many other vampires, but it does not necessarily need them, as it can eat regular food. When it moves, it creates sparks that give it away for what it truly is.
Compared to other vampires, the krvoijac is hardly a real threat to humanity, but should one turn violent and need to be found, it rests by day in its grave. A nude adolescent of proven virginity is placed on the back of a black foal, which is led through a graveyard. The grave that the foal balks at is the one that the krvoijac occupies. Wild roses placed in the COFFIN with the body and additional strands of the garland used to tie the COFFIN shut will trap the vampire within. Next, a vampire slayer such as a DJDADJII must be hired to bottle the vampire's spirit and destroy it in fire (see BOTTLING).
Source: Ronay, Truth about Dracula, 22; Triefeldt, People and Places, 21; Volta, The Vampire, 144

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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